Moving Tips
Here is the quick list of things to do while shifting your office.

Here is the quick list of things to do while shifting your office. 1. Create a detailed schedule for your move. While preparing schedule helps you stay on track, it also helps you see every process and track them properly.
2. Once you have your relocation schedule in place, start updating your clients and other business associates about your office shifting. Keep them informed about any downtime, interruption or delays in communication etc.
3. Keep your social channels updated about your move so that your clients and customers remain updated about the same.
4. Involve your employees in the overall process of packing, moving shifting of your office. Let them prepare their own list of goods to be packed.
5. Ask them to look after their own cubicles, desks and help other colleagues in during the process.
6. Ask your employees to label their own items (items that is in their possession) e.g. computer sets, keyboards, monitors, chairs, desks etc. Usually your hands are set on goods that you are using constantly for example chairs. Few people will never exchange their chair. That’s why it is a good practice to label your own possessions, so that you can easily locate them when you have to.
7. If you are getting a fully furnished office then just check and ensure that your office is ready and all utilities are installed properly.
8. If you are getting it furnished, then check and ensure that all essentially required facilities have been installed and setup like Internet connection, electric works, water supply etc.

9. Start changing your addresses with relevant authorities and offices. Some of the most common ones are your bank account, local municipal trade license, registrar of companies, pan card etc. Also remember to leave your new address in your old office door to avoid losing any postal letters.
10. Since you are doing it yourself, you got to hire a vehicle for moving your goods.
11. You may ask your trucking company to provide you labor as well. It’s going to be difficult for you to find trained labors for loading and unloading, so better ask your trucking company to assist with that.
12. Purchase adequate amount of packing materials as per the list of goods that is to be packed and moved. Don’t compromise with this one because safe secured packing is very important.
13. Start packing your goods and make sure to label them properly. Label should provide information about the goods that’s inside the box and any other information that can help you at the time of unpacking the box.
14. Prepare a seating arrangement draft layout for your new office in advance. This draft should help you unpack and re-arrange your goods on delivery.
15. Fine tune this checklist and make it suitable for your own office shifting. No amount of preparation will be enough, so look around and find out what else you need to address. Office shifting is a little complex thing to do, especially because you have to ensure less interruption in productivity and shipment of your offerings. So prepare in advance and try to stick to your schedule.


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